How To Find True Motivated Sellers In Property Filter?

When we talk about Property, it seems there are no leads out there…

In fact, 90% of sellers on the market at the moment are not motivated.

How do you find people that need to be somewhere else in their lives but can’t and are stuck because of their property problem?

I can assure you that the deals are everywhere, hidden in plain sight, just lost in a sea of properties.

To find them, log on to your Property Filter account, and check any of your leads inbox, the results are always organised along out MOTIVATED SELLER BANNER.

It makes you focus on the best leads first: deals fallen out of bed & reduced, back on the market, reduced, on the market since a long time, sold subject to contact since a long time.

It tells you: if you only do one thing today , focus on these x leads, in our example, the top 3% of available properties.

So what are you wainting for?

What results could you get when you do that in your property business?