We are Property Filter

Our vision is to generalise success in the property investment sector, ensuring it is accessible to all, thereby Levelling Up the industry.

Our Mission is to equip our members with the premier data, tools, and methodologies, empowering them to achieve predictable success in property investments while ensuring the best value for their money.

Our Story

After a decade of working in a fast-paced engineering career, Guillaume found that climbing the corporate ladder to attain his boss’ position had lost its appeal.

Since 2012, we, the founders, have been investing in property as a side venture. Our passion for property truly ignited in 2018, when we discovered the magic of creative finance, Buy, Refurbish, Refinance (BRR), and the myriad benefits of the UK property market.

We were hooked, but the reality of finding deals was incredibly challenging.

For a year and a half, we stalled in an inefficient cycle—endlessly scrolling through property portals, randomly scheduling viewings based on photos, only to end up in queues at properties where the sellers were evidently unmotivated. Balancing full-time jobs while cramming viewings into Saturdays, we became disheartened. Our journey in property investment seemed in a continual state of delay. 

The situation got worse when we started pouring money into untargeted, so-called Direct to Vendor letters, costing us £500-£600 per month. The reality hit us hard; while everyone aims for Direct to Vendor deals, what we were actually doing was sending letters Direct to Owner—essentially reaching out to individuals with no interest in selling. This approach resulted in a significant waste of resources, targeting the wrong audience. 

We took a step back to reflect, there had to be a better way, surely? Driven by a passion for learning from successful experiences, we initiated conversations with some of the most accomplished investors in the country to uncover their strategies. From these insights, we distilled a set of principles that could guarantee success in the property market. The path to success didn’t have to be a matter of chance; it could be predictable and, indeed, inevitable.

With this newfound knowledge, we developed a software tool initially intended for our use. This tool was designed with a clear focus: to identify motivated sellers, thereby streamlining our process for securing deals. The impact was immediate and significant. We found ourselves conducting ten times fewer viewings, yet the quality of our conversations with vendors went through the roof!

Fast-forward a year and a half, and we had amassed a portfolio of twenty-five units in the Birmingham area. Guillaume transitioned to working full-time in property, earning the titles of Property Entrepreneur of the Year in 2021 and Deal of the Year in 2022. These achievements drew plenty of interest, prompting us to share our software with our property network. The results were immediate and profound, with many experiencing exponential growth in their property ventures. It became clear that our software was too valuable a tool to keep to ourselves—it needed to be shared with the world.




Every action we take and decision we make is aimed at ensuring our members achieve their desired outcomes.

Property Filter was conceived from foundational principles and developed into a reliable blueprint for finding valuable property deals. Our focus is singular: to offer solutions that not only facilitate the discovery of exceptional deals but do so efficiently and effectively, aligning with your property aspirations and broader life goals.



Our commitment to our members is rooted in delivering nothing short of Excellence.

We've developed and tirelessly update the most reliable and extensive database in the property sector. Our dedication lies in offering only top-tier, world-class, and trustworthy information and tools, enabling our members to achieve tangible results with confidence.


Keeping it simple is a core challenge. We hold the belief that achieving your property and life goals shouldn't require you to be a data scientist.

Our philosophy is "Less is More." It's not about cramming more into the software but about eliminating obstacles, making it easier for our members to achieve results.

Meet the Founding Team

Guillaume Black

Guillaume Black

Chief Executive Officer
Florian Moulin

Florian Moulin

Chief Product Officer
Cyril Moulin

Cyril Moulin

Chief Technical Officer

Property Education

We understand the transformative impact that property investment can have for those equipped with the right strategies and support. That’s why we’re dedicated to democratising property education, ensuring it’s accessible not just through our Property Filter software but also beyond.

In line with our commitment, we annually sponsor the Property Educator Summit and collaborate closely with the leading property education companies. Our Property Filter deal finding blueprint is designed to seamlessly integrate with these educators’ offerings. This synergy allows Property Filter to pinpoint the most promising leads and maintain organisation, while your chosen educator guides you through negotiation, structuring, and scaling your property business.

Choosing a property education company that incorporates Property Filter can significantly enhance your returns and overall success. Here are some noteworthy Property Educators we partner with:

  • Simon Zutshi and pin (https://propertyinvestorsnetwork.co.uk)
  • Saj Hussain and Saj Hussain Wealth Creation
  • Matt Baker and the HMO Platform
  • Kevin Wright and the Ninja Investors
  • Michelle Cairns from YPN’s Total Sourcing


If you’re a property educator looking to deliver guaranteed results to your students, we warmly invite you to connect with us today.

The Property Networking
Hosts Summit

In 2023, we launched the inaugural Property Networking Hosts Summit, uniting over 70 hosts from more than 55 meetings, who collectively welcome over 2000 attendees to their events monthly. This summit was organized as a gesture of gratitude towards the hosts who had invited us to present at over 55 of their meetings that year, allowing us the opportunity to contribute value to their communities and spread the word about Property Filter’s deal-finding methodology.

The event was exclusive, tailored specifically for property meeting hosts and leaders within the property community.


In early 2024, we hosted our second Property Networking Hosts Summit, delivering workshops designed for property meeting hosts and property leaders. These workshops focused on running deal clinics using Property Filter, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of network meetings in discovering deals.


Our goal is to forge fruitful relationships with every host, enrich every meeting, and contribute to the elevation of the property community. We are firm believers in the power of sharing and collaboration, which is why we initiated these Summits with the plan to hold two such events annually, fostering a spirit of unity and mutual growth within the property networking community.


Do you host or run a property networking event? Connect with us today to ensure you don’t miss out on the next summit.

Community Engagement

Property Filter is 3 time platinum sponsor and one time co-organiser of the Property Entrepreneurs Get Up Give Back initiative, raising in excess of £500,000 between 2021 and 2023 across 3 campaigns, for very important homeless, mental health and food bank charities.

2024 GUGB Lead Sponsorship – Cardio v Cancer

In 2024, Property Filter reaffirms its strong commitment to Get Up Give Back (GUGB), a partnership forged in 2021. This dedication was spotlighted when Guillaume and Dan Norman from GUGB conquered the three peaks challenge last year, leading to Property Filter’s lead sponsorship of this year’s “Cardio vs Cancer” initiative, in collaboration with Ultimate FD. This campaign seeks to raise £125,000 in five weeks to aid cancer patients and research, whilst also supporting the mental and physical health of Property Entrepreneurs. The team at Property Filter are participating in the variety of challenges—walking, running, hiking, cycling, swimming—culminating in a black-tie event sponsored by Property Filter, marking GUGB’s fifth anniversary. Celebrating this milestone, the campaign involves five challenges over five weeks, benefiting five charities, symbolizing five years of impact and community effort against cancer.

2023: GUGB Participation – Hike Against Hunger

The spotlight in 2023 turned to the urgent issue of food poverty, highlighted by the alarming fact that 5.3 million people in the UK faced the dire choice between food and heating. The Property Entrepreneurs acted by participating in the “Hike Against Hunger” initiative. Through collaboration with GUGB, Property Filter threw its support behind three crucial organizations: Magic Breakfast (https://www.magicbreakfast.com/), ensuring that hunger does not become a barrier to education by providing breakfasts to children; The Tri Services Veterans Support Centre, which offers meals to veterans and the local community, especially vital during the pandemic; and The Trussell Trust (https://www.trusselltrust.org/), working to eliminate the need for food banks in the UK through immediate support and long-term advocacy. Together, we raised an impressive total of over £140,000 to combat food poverty.

2022: GUGB Platinum Sponsorship – MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS

In 2022, our efforts pivoted to the critical issue of mental health among young adults. With staggering wait times for NHS counselling services, many young people were left in dire need of immediate support, risking severe consequences. Property Filter stepped up as a co-organiser and platinum sponsor, supporting The Lucy Rayner Foundation (https://thelucyraynerfoundation.com/).

This foundation, beginning from a personal tragedy, offers immediate 1-1 counselling for young individuals in need, bridging the waiting gap. Additionally, Property Filter also championed StrongMen (https://www.strongmen.org.uk/), an initiative that offers therapeutic retreats for grieving men. Funds raised throughout this year aimed to facilitate 12 months of counselling for 250 young adults and sponsor weekend retreats for men grappling with loss.

A record of £168k+ was raised that year.

2021: GUGB Platinum Sponsorship – The 100,000,000 Steps Challenge

In 2021, in response to the escalating homelessness crisis in the UK—which affects over 300,000 individuals—the Property Entrepreneurs launched the 100,000,000 Steps Challenge. This initiative, aiming to cover a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of the Globe within 90 days, was supported by Property Filter’s platinum sponsorship. Through collective effort and commitment, we not only met but surpassed our ambitious target, raising over £126,000 and accumulating 116,079,953 steps. The funds were channelled into Buses4Homeless, supporting the creation of one of the UK’s leading centres for homeless rehabilitation.

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