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The team has never been so busy adding as many high-value features as they are right now so in the new year we’ll be implementing tiered pricing. Never again will you be able to secure all of Property Filter’s features for this price. Buy now and lock in your price for life. 

Prices rising soon, lock in now!​
Prices rising soon, lock in now!​

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Unlimited property searches
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Frequently Asked Questions

How is that different from going on Rightmove?

If you are serious about property investing and find yourself scrolling on one of the public portals, you are wasting your chance, you don’t stand a chance. When a product is free, you are the product.

  • First of all, Property Filter will be fed with listings from ALL portals, not limited to just one.
  • Then, it matches and merges everything under one roof and enriches the listing with exclusive information: full address (bye-bye Google street view and bin numbers!), m²/sqft, in or out or Article 4 Areas, lease length of every leasehold properties, company ownership, restrictive covenants, comparables for sale, to rent, Postcode demand and much more.
  • Search properties by yield, negative equity, below average price, etc
  • Organise your leads inbox and shortlist the most motivated sellers.
  • Find properties where the sale has fallen through, it came back on the market, was reduced, is listed with multiple agents or has history of sale failing with a previous agent, for sale as well as to rent, and really a lot more.
  • It features deal calculators for every strategy, all market data you need, and your own CRM system for deal with calendar integration!

Yes, we know that most successful property businesses are partnerships, so no issues at all you are sharing a login. The system is set at max 3 machines per accounts, for any more, get in touch with Support, and we will arrange something for your circumstances.

Yes, and similarly, you can identify the most motivated sellers, stack your deal, etc.

Not at the moment. The purpose of Property Filter is to give you a platform with everything you need to find your own deals. From generating motivated seller leads, and giving you the ability to send AI generated direct to vendor letters all the way through to your CRM system for deals and follow-up system. We take care of the admin and the research so you can focus on the income generating tasks in your business!

We agree with you! And sadly there is a lot of clever marketing out there promising you things that products don’t deliver! The hardest thing is to actually make it work properly and we know what it takes!
Our data is updated daily, and we know for a fact, sometimes before Rightmove! We use very advanced AI and algorithms to always improve the quality oof the data.

It’s a lot easier than you think, and you don’t have any extra work to do.
There are a lot of things one can do with Property Filter, but DON’T WORRY! The principles that make success for you as a member are very simple:

  • Set and Forget your criteria
  • Go straight to the motivated sellers
  • Convert all these good leads into great deals along a proven step-by-step process

And yes, we give a ton of support out. There is a comprehensive knowledge base for everything, and
We run 15+hrs of LIVE support every week!
We look forward to speaking with you there!

Absolutely! What would you pay to get your next deal for £10,000 less? Get your next deal 3 months sooner? Have the certainty of actually getting a deal?
Most of our members start out thinking they are just looking for one deal, but once they are on Property Filter, and start to maintain a very healthy pipeline of deal, they get a lot more traction, start packaging deals and end up acquiring many.

You get all the rental data, with their price history and all the filter function, so you can target the best properties, filter by agents and save a lot of time!
We pride ourselves with our R2R case studies and how our members actually turn R2R into lease options as well!
R2R will remain a numbers game, and you will still have to do the work: phone calls and follow-ups.

Yes, of course! Property Filter is the ultimate tool when it comes to generating Lease Option leads. There are loads of unique features that can get you there, such as the best For Sale & To Rent property marcher, potential negative equity, short leases, cash buyers only properties, etc.
Property Filter is the home of creative strategies!

At the moment Property Filter covers England and Wales fully, you can use the blueprint to find motivated sellers in Scotland similarly, but with less depth to the due diligence data. For Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, we are looking for people to join our Irish launch list.
We are not planning to launch overseas in the near future.