The Property Filter Blueprint: Lead Generators™

The tech behind

I get asked often, how does Property Filter compares with other property tools. The answer is quite straight forward and lies in the fact that Property Filter is unique and niche, and therefore completely different to any other property tools out there.

It is unique because fundamentally it’s a blueprint, a methodology and niche because it focuses on being the best at helping you being the best at finding deals

It’s the Blueprint to find deals.

The blueprint is unique, it’s proven and is made of 2 main aspects:

  • Lead Generators™
  • Property Pipeline™

Today we’ll talk about the 3 steps and components that make the Lead Generators™ unique and so effective at helping you being the best at finding deals:

1) SET & FORGET your criteria

Most investors just

  • log on to the portals every day,
  • type a search or different searches on multiple tabs, … every day🤮
  • scroll through pages and pages of results, … every day
  • repeat or abandon through overwhelm

This is a paradigm shift, moving away from an endless search paradigm to a clear inbox mindset.

With the Property Filter Lead Generators, just SET & FORGET your criteria: Area & strategies, quite a few of them if you want.

The system works for you and delivers you new leads while you sleep, today and everyday.

2) Get in Front of potentially the most MOTIVATED SELLERS in your area

Your Lead inbox will be fed with properties coming from all online sources: the equivalent of having Rightmove, Zoopla and On The Market, all in one place.

Yet, 90% of on the market leads will be a waste of time.

Most investors just randomly book viewings based on the pictures and the layout. They are addicted to Rightmove alerts and are queuing at viewings where the vendors are oversubscribed, fighting with the masses, they get outbid by residential buyers and are missing out on deals all the time.

In contrast, Property Filter’s Motivated Sellers Banner™ gets you talking to potentially the most motivated sellers in your area. It gets you to discover all the needles in the haystack and deals hidden in plain sight! Solve someone’s problem and create value for everyone.

Work your way along the Motivated Sellers Banner™ and discover:

  1. Properties fallen out of bed, Back on the Market and Reduced
  2. Properties Back on the Market
  3. Properties Reduced
  4. Properties sticking on the Market
  5. Properties about to fall through after being STC for a long time

Find yourself in places where the vendors are frustrated with the sale process, with no competition and solve their problem with a win-win solution.

3) Have an Exhaustive view on your Market today and everyday, with a only a few minutes of your time

Most investors will be login on to the portals everyday, scrolling through pages and pages of stuff they’ve already seen yesterday and will scroll through the same tomorrow.

They never get to the bottom of it and live in the constant fear of missing out

In contrast, with Property Filter, take a decision on every lead:

  • Save what you want to work on
  • Hide what you never want to see again

Clear your leads inbox so that tomorrow, when new properties become available or back on the market, you only see them and are not polluted by things you already know you like or you don’t!

Know today and everyday EVERYTHING that was or is available in your market with a few minutes of your time

No more FOMO, replace chaos with clarity, become and remain the expert in your investment area!

Well worth checking it out, I guarantee you will find your next deal on Property Filter if you follow the blueprint.

So what are you waiting for?

What results could you get in if you could do that for your property business?

Don’t wait! Book a demo and start for free today!