The Off-Market silver bullet myth and the On Market opportunities we are missing out on a daily basis

The Off Market silver bullet myth

The Off-Market silver bullet myth and the On Market opportunities we are missing out on a daily basis

There is a thousand ways to find deals, and the truth is that everything works if we throw enough time, money, resources and focus at it!

I guarantee you that you will find deals if tomorrow you started leafleting every 33M properties in the land on a weekly basis. Surely, we’ve got to be more strategic than that…

What ROI for what marketing channels?

In Property these thousand different ways to find deals can be classed in 2 main categories:

  • On Market
  • Off Market

In business finding deals is called Lead Generation and again can be classed in 2 main categories:

  • Organic Lead Generation
  • Paid Lead Generation.

Interestingly in business it is widely recognised that one should exhaust its Organic Lead Generation channels before moving on to the Paid ones. As your ROI will plummet from one to the other.

The same should go in property with On Market and Off Market Lead Generation.

The thing is, 90% of On Market properties are a waste of time, so we look for the silver bullet, we pay our way through Off Market marketing. We pay expensive software that we complement with expensive letter campaign and systems to source sites, we try Facebook adds and Landlord letter and many more.

But when it comes to being more strategic, the best Return on Investment you’ll get is from following up with the best deals right here, On Market, hidden in plain sight.

The deals were always here, hidden in plain sight

A waste of time I hear you say? Well, this was before you knew about Property Filter.

Property Filter is your first port of call for finding deals. It gives you the best ROI on your time and resources when it comes to finding deals.

It gets you in front of all the motivated sellers across all online portals, find most full addresses and gives you the whole felt out of bed, listed with multiple agents’ story where the opportunities can be created. Layer that with a smart way to be on top of everything there is or ever was for sale in your area in a few minutes per day, you won’t be sticking stamps on coloured envelops ever again.

Well worth checking it out, I guarantee you will find your next deal on Property Filter if you follow the blueprint.

So what are you waiting for?

What results could you get in if you could do that for your property business?

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