How To Find PLO Leads In Seconds? SECRET #2

How To Find PLO Leads In Seconds?

Most people like the idea of closing PLO deals, but everyone struggles to find them.

PLO can work great when a vendor NEEDS to achieve a certain price or minimise his losses.

Typically this works great on 2007-2008 new build properties that were sold for more than they are worth today.

But you might spends hours and hours or spend fortunes on staff or VAs to do the research for you.

To solve this, log on to your Property Filter account. The other way to find great PLO leads is just to setup a Lead generator with Negative equity criteria.

In seconds, you’ll access all the best leads in your area.

Once you’ve done one deal in an area like this, you might want to send letters to every landlord around as they are likely in the same situation!

So what are you wainting for?

What results could you get when you do that in your property business?