UK Property Investment Market Revolution: £500k+ Seed Investment Funds for Property Filter

We are proud to announce a landmark achievement for Property Filter: the securing of substantial seed funding amounting to £584,000. This investment, predominantly backed by £500,000 from the Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF), marks a significant milestone in our journey and in the evolution of the UK’s property investment sector.

This substantial funding, channelled through the MEIF West Midlands Equity Fund and managed by Midven, coupled with the support from angel investors, is not merely a financial boost. It symbolises a strong vote of confidence in Property Filter’s vision and capabilities within the PropTech industry. This serves as a crucial stepping stone to advancing our product development and reinforcing our leadership in the field.

Strategic Development Objectives

With this new funding, we are focusing on several key development areas:

1. Launching a Mobile App: To provide you, our valued Members, with convenient access to essential property data on-the-move, enhancing your experience and decision-making efficiency.

2. Extending AI Capabilities: Advancing our AI technology to deliver more precise and predictive analytics, a crucial tool for informed property investment decisions.

3. Integrating New Service Lines: Expanding our services to meet a wider range of property investment requirements, further enhancing our platform’s versatility.

Our Origins and Your Advantage

Property Filter originated as an in-house tool, designed to streamline our founders’ property investment processes. It has since evolved into a powerful SaaS platform that simplifies investment decisions by aggregating and delivering essential data insights, tailored to individual investment strategies. This approach reduces the often overwhelming volume of information encountered in property investment research, offering a clear advantage to our members.

Educational Integration Beyond Data

Our vision goes beyond merely providing data insights. We are actively integrating our platform with educational providers to enhance the effectiveness of property investment courses and programmes. This strategic initiative is aimed at equipping students and mentees with practical, data-driven insights for improved outcomes. This integration underscores our commitment to future-proofing the brand and solidifying our position in the evolving PropTech industry.

Property Filter Contribution to the UK Property Market

The UK property market is a vital component of the economy, generating over £65 billion in turnover in 2022. Property Filter’s strategic position within this market enables us to empower our clients with reliable data and insights, which are indispensable navigating and investing successfully in this complex sector.

Support and Guidance from Midven

We express our profound gratitude to Midven for their unwavering support and strategic guidance, pivotal in strengthening Property Filter’s investment readiness and market resilience. Our partnership is deeply rooted in a shared vision and commitment to fostering innovation in property investment.

Statements from Our Partners

Surjit Kooner, Investment Director at Midven, had this to say: “Property Filter possesses the technology that can revolutionise the due-diligence process, enhancing efficiency and expanding opportunities for professional investors.”

Guillaume Black, CEO of Property Filter, had this to say: “This investment significantly advances our mission to transform property investment. With leading-edge data insights, we are spearheading initiatives like our mobile app and broadening our AI capabilities.”

A Glimpse into the Future

As we embark on this new chapter, Property Filter is dedicated not merely to navigating the property investment market but to reshaping the entire investment experience.

We warmly invite you to stay updated on Property Filter’s progress and join us in this exhilarating phase of innovation within property investment. Your ongoing support and involvement are invaluable to us.


A leading Birmingham-based venture capital firm, Midven has been supporting Midlands SMEs for over 25 years, investing more than £90m into the region.

Future Planet Capital

As a global venture capital and impact investor, Future Planet Capital connects investors with leading entrepreneurs to address global challenges.

Midlands Engine Investment Fund (MEIF)

The MEIF is a key player in providing financial support to small and medium-sized businesses in the Midlands, aiding their growth and development.

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