Masterclass in Property Investment and Wealth Building with Phil Bygrave

In the 13th episode of Deal Finder’s Corner, our host Guillaume Black is joined by Phil Bygrave, a property professional with a unique background in recruitment and sales. Phil’s story is a testament to the diverse pathways one can take in the property industry. He has been harnessing the power of Property Filter since November 2022, and the results are impressive: 8 deals in just 8 months, bringing his total to 13 successful DEALS. Phil’s journey doesn’t stop there; he also serves as the North Manchester pin host and is deeply involved in Property Portfolio Building and Management (PPB), along with Timothy Witt, and inVest Multi-Let Property Management.

Seven Questions to Navigate Every Property Investor

Phil believes that every property investor should seek answers to these seven fundamental questions:

  1. What Is My Strategy?
  2. What Is My Gold Mine Location?
  3. What Is My Brand Standard?
  4. What Funding Will I Use?
  5. What Is My Exit Strategy?
  6. What Are the Associated Costs?
  7. What Can I Spend?

It’s natural to experience confusion and moments of self-doubt along the property investment journey, but these questions provide invaluable guidance.

Understanding the Wealth Pyramid

In this episode, Phil reintroduces a concept that he believes is crucial for every property investor: the Wealth Pyramid. The pyramid consists of three key components: Cashflow, Profit, and Assets. Everybody in properties is on one of these levels, whether they know their level or not. He believes that being very specific about your goals for each level is crucial for getting clarity about the strategy you are going to choose for your property business.

Mastering HMO Strategies

One of Phil’s core strategies in property investment is HMO. He discusses in detail two key aspects of HMO investments:

1. Space, Light, and Rights: 

Understanding local planning standards is fundamental when dealing with HMOs. Key considerations include room sizes, minimum requirements for kitchen and living spaces, ceiling heights, and permitted development conversions. Phil advises consulting architects for HMO drawings to ensure compliance.

2. Location Matters: 

Phil underscores the importance of location, especially for HMO investments. High-density areas with excellent transport links and nearby amenities are ideal for HMOs. He recommends evaluating properties based on their commercial cash flow potential, even for residential investments. Understanding property valuations and identifying the right areas is vital for success.

Special Resource: HMO Zones Outline

Phil introduces a valuable resource during the presentation – HMO Zones Outline. This data-driven tool utilises information from Spare Room and Invest MultiLet Specialist HMO Agency, providing valuable insights into expected rates and yields across the Manchester area.

Closing Tips from Phil’s Personal Experience

Before concluding the episode, Phil shares several valuable tips based on his extensive experience:

  • Active Networking: Phil encourages property investors to network actively with others pursuing the same strategy. He believes that healthy competition can drive improvement.
  • Record Sold Comparables: Keeping a record of sold comparable properties can inform your investment decisions.
  • Make Offers: Don’t hesitate to make offers that align with your goals. One offer is better than no offer.
  • Precision Matters: Focus on significant opportunities, and don’t be overly concerned about minor details.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Viewing properties and making mistakes are integral parts of the learning process. Asking questions and continuously improving are essential.
  • PF’s Time-Saving Power: While Property Filter can save you time, it’s effective only if you use it to its full potential.

Shadowing Phil with Property Filter: A Demo in Leeds

One highlight of this episode is a demonstration of how Phil uses Property Filter to search for HMO opportunities in Leeds. It provides valuable insights into the practical application of Property Filter, including its unique feature of adding off-market properties.

The Final Word: Property Takes Time

Phil’s journey from recruitment to property success is a remarkable testament to the opportunities within the property industry. While using Property Filter and valuable resources can expedite your progress, property investments remain a journey that requires patience and dedication. Phil’s insights and strategies offer a wealth of knowledge to inspire your property investment journey. Don’t miss this enlightening episode of Deal Finder’s Corner with Phil Bygrave. It’s a true masterclass in property investment and wealth building.