Masterclass in effective communication and negotiation with Rob Mcphun

In Episode 18 of Deal Finder’s Corner, we had the privilege of Rob Mcphun sharing his insights. Rob is a retired police officer with 34 years of service who transitioned into the world of property investing. Rob’s journey is truly inspiring, as he achieved financial freedom within just over a year, thanks to Simon Zutshi’s Mastermind Programme. He now wears multiple hats as a coach, mentor, and accomplished author with two Amazon best-selling books to his name.

“People won’t buy from you until they buy into you.” (Photo: unsplash)

The Power of Effective Communication

Rob’s session revolved around the essence of communication and how it underpins every aspect of the property business. As he rightly puts it, “You cannot NOT communicate!” His message is simple but profound: property is a people business, and your life skills are the foundation for effective communication.

Rob outlined the fundamental elements that go into the art of communication:

  1. Prejudices: We all have them. Identifying our own biases and prejudices is the first step in effective communication.
  2. Beliefs: People’s beliefs shape their world. Understanding and respecting their belief systems is crucial in any negotiation.
  3. Drivers/Motivation: What motivates a person? Rob stressed the importance of uncovering the underlying motivations of individuals you’re dealing with. 
  4. Personal Rules: Everyone has their rules for engagement, often unwritten. Identifying and respecting these rules can be a game-changer.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

Rob’s message was clear: to succeed in the property business, you must first understand the motivations of the person you’re dealing with and then apply the right strategy. Key takeaways from his presentation included:

  • First Impressions Count: The importance of making a positive and authentic first impression cannot be overstated.
  • Language Matters: The words you choose are incredibly important. Your language should be in harmony with your objectives.
  • Questions Are Key: Asking the right questions can uncover motivations and guide your negotiation. 
  • Listening Is Crucial: Truly listening, not just hearing, is the bedrock of effective communication.
  • Continuous Learning: The property game is constantly evolving. A commitment to learning and refining your skills is essential.

Rob introduced his Script Builder, a guide for effective communication, breaking it into three key phases: BEFORE (plan, prepare, practice), DURING (engage, explore, evolve), and AFTER (resolve, reflect, refine).

Building Rapport and Trust

Rob underscored the importance of establishing rapport and trust in any interaction. He encouraged adopting a curious and common-ground approach. It’s essential to consider not only your own attitude and behaviour but also those of the people you’re dealing with.

Dealing with Property Agents

Rob outlined the crucial steps to effectively deal with property agents, emphasising the need to be authentic, convey professionalism, and build relationships. These include dressing appropriately and projecting the image of a serious property investor. Having business cards and answers ready for questions about proof of funds, mortgages, and experience in areas like HMOs are important.

Why Talk to Property Agents?

Rob provided ten compelling reasons to engage with property agents:

  • Gaining insight into current house prices
  • Understanding the rental market
  • Assessing the quality of housing
  • Establishing relationships with agents
  • Learning what to look for in properties
  • Demonstrating credibility and professionalism
  • Sowing seeds for creative deals
  • Inquiring about other properties
  • Improving negotiation skills through questions
  • Building confidence in your property ventures

Questioning Strategies

Rob taught the importance of effective questioning. He shared a set of questions to ask agents and sellers that could lead to finding potentially lucrative deals. The key is not to accept the first answer but to probe, clarify, and summarise to gain a deeper understanding.

Rob’s Deals Blueprint

In essence, Rob’s deals blueprint consists of three core elements:

  • Building rapport and trust quickly
  • Asking the right questions
  • Actively listening and understanding the dynamics of negotiations, particularly identifying the decision-maker

Rob Mcphun’s presentation was a masterclass in effective communication and negotiation, providing invaluable insights for anyone seeking success in the world of property investing. It’s not just about properties; it’s about people and the art of connecting with them.

For more in-depth insights and practical knowledge, be sure to catch the full episode of Deal Finder’s Corner Episode 18 with Rob Mcphun bellow.