How to Build a 6-Figure Sustainable Income Without Funding It All Yourself?

In Episode 11 of Deal Finder’s Corner, your favourite Frenchman Guillaume Black had the privilege of hosting Matt Baker, a distinguished Property Investor & Developer, HMO & Coliving Specialist, Musician, Educator, and the Author of the bestselling book “Next Level Landlord.”

Developing the Customer-First Approach Using HMO Strategy: A Blueprint to Success

Since 2015, Matt Baker, a former piano teacher, has been championing a customer-first approach to HMO strategy, yielding remarkable results. Through Scott Baker Properties, he has meticulously curated a property portfolio worth £5 million. In 2022, he was awarded the Co-Living Deal of the Year by the Property Investors Awards. Now, he leverages his knowledge and expertise to support fellow landlords through the HMO Platform Mastermind group. At the heart of all his endeavours lies the conviction that a solid business model and reliable tools are paramount for thriving in the property business.

Unveiling the Coliving HMO Secrets

Secret 1: The Power of Coliving HMOs

Matt unravels the enchantment behind coliving HMOs, illuminating how they streamline management complexities and yield consistent high profits month after month. By fostering a well-balanced ecosystem of a Great Community, consisting of Great Space, Great Design, and impeccable Great Service, landlords can revel in an income stream nurtured by collaboration and shared tenant experiences. Backed by compelling statistical data, Matt dispels the notion that HMOs are transient, proving their potential for substantial profitability when approached with the right mindset.

Secret 2: Attracting Irresistible Deals

Matt underscores the paramount significance of clarity when scouring for properties and introduces the concept of a well-structured Hunting Brief. The Property Filter emerges as a potent tool for translating the guidelines from the brief into actionable results, proving highly effective in identifying potential deals ripe for further development into successful portfolios.

Secret 3: Becoming Investable

As an insightful reminder, Matt posits that property investment can serve as the ultimate hedge against inflation. He delves into the driving factors behind current investment interests, emphasising the pivotal role of positioning oneself as a solution for attaining superior returns. Provocatively, he asks, “Would you invest in yourself right now?”

A Paradigm Shift in HMO Perception

Matt’s passion for crafting co-living spaces centred around social impact and sustainable business models is remarkably contagious. The insightful Q&A session that follows only adds to the depth of knowledge shared. Embrace this extraordinary episode, poised to revolutionise your property investment journey. Waste no time; catch the entire episode and Q&A session now!