A simple, exhaustive and efficient framework to find deals.

The absolute must-have for any property investor.


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Lead Generator


What if you could set up your searches just once
and get all your leads delivered to you in an organised manner every day...


Property Pipeline


A system designed to help you sort your leads into different stages in order to keep a better track of them.
No more forgotten leads that could have been your best deals!

Property Filter


Andy E.

"If you invest in property, then you need Property Filter!
Once you've input all of your criteria it will alert you with properties which match. There are so many options to be tweaked and the information you obtain is highly detailed.

This tool will then save you masses of time and focuses on the properties you require for your strategy, giving you detailed analytics, that would usually take you hours to obtain. This has massively helped me and freed up so much of my time to concentrate on doing the deals rather than finding them! 
The Sourcing Pipeline Process enables you to keep on top of your actions and follow ups. Making sure you don't miss out on crucial moments in securing new deals.
On top of this, the Deal Calculator is so beneficial by simply entering the figures for your chosen strategy, and it will then tell you if you have a deal, and what offer you need to make for it to work for you, eliminating mistakes on complicated spreadsheets!
This tool has massively helped me in my property business, and I would highly recommend this to any serious investor. 
As long as you are not looking in my area!"


Kam O.

"I have no “property education”, I’ve not been on the seminars or courses. I am working full time and struggled to make the time to buy my first BTL property. The number of listings online was overwhelming and although I was looking at property investing since about 3 years, I really struggled to progress.
I was introduced to Property Filter less than a month ago. I followed the process and spent no more than 10min per day on it to narrow down on the leads and for them through the pipeline.
The due diligence process and deal calculation gave me confidence that I knew what I was buying and how much was I able to offer as well as how much cash I actually needed (deposit, purchase costs, etc).
Most people complain these days that there are no deals. After viewing 10+ properties, offered and followed up on all, the system actually flagged up a property that has fallen through and was just back on the market. I viewed it and offered on it the next day. We’re now working through the conveyancing process and it seems like this will be my first BTL, and a much better deal than I thought possible for me.
My pipeline is still full and I look forward to Follow up! Follow up! & Follow up! to get more in this year!"


Steve B.

"I haven’t found a better tool than Property Filter for assisting property investors looking for motivated sellers.
The tool has saved me significant research time with the findings presented in an easy to read dashboard, including a graphical representation of the price movement for a selected property.
Within just a few minutes I can observe market movements and track how my target properties are responding.
The integrated sourcing pipeline is combined with a task management capability ensuring I don’t overlook important follow-up activities.  
This benefits me by focusing my research days into meaningful, progressive activity. I now enjoy property investing, letting the tool do the grunt work"