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Find Motivated Sellers

  • AI Bots working 24/7
  •  Residential & Commercial
  • Full address to contact vendors
  • Live data update
  • Target Properties based on strategies
  • And much more!

Be Active And Get Deals Done

  • 50x response rate by targeting properties
  • No more admin
  • Talk to Motivated Sellers
  • Never miss a follow up
  • Join the Top 1% of people making deals
  • And much more!

Invest In The Best Areas

  • Address Lookup
  • Market Live Data
  • Last Sold Map
  • HMO Article 4 Map
  • And much more!

Assess Deals Quickly

  • Advanced Comparable Module
  • Deal Stacker for all strategies
  • Automated due diligences
  • Automated Stress test
  • And much more!


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Engage Motivated Sellers

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Asses Properties In Seconds

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Load Your Pipeline And Make Deals

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Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7

Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7


Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7

Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7


Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7

Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7


Generated Motivated Seller Leads 24/7

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Sourcing is the foundation for every successful investors. Property filter is the 1st property search software that is forward looking and IA compliance. Very interactive and flexible to use and constantly being improved based on user’s feedback. This is an amazing piece of art.. it is a must have for the new generation of property investors, as we all know the future of the world lies in the ability to leverage AI. Property filter help Thanks to the amazing team behind property filter.
Terry-King Emmanuel
Property Filter is the ultimate portal & tool which provides the selling price full history (decrease / increase) for any property currently for sale in the UK, so I can assess in advance how motivated a seller is to sell. It saves me a lot of time as I can find in one centralized place a wealth of information for each property I am interested in... and also helps me to take well informed decision when making an offer. Property Filter is a fun tool to use 🙂
Richmond HMO
Have recently started using this to source deals and it's one of the best I have used. The ease of accessing relevant Data for due diligence is invaluable! It has changed my working methods allowing me to work more productively, efficiently and ofcourse faster resulting in being able to source more deals!
Mukesh Halai
Extremely useful property search website. No need to spend hours trawling through various property sales platforms it's all on this one with excellent filters to set for your own requirements and much better details such as number of days listed and other important information. Rolling contract.
Hayley Bonnell
A stunning piece of software than has revolutionised the property deal finding process, coupled with an impressive support infrastructure that includes regular training sessions, support videos, support calls and specialist expert speakers. Their willingness to continually accept feedback to include new features and capabilities means the software gets better and better month after month. It is quite simply an outstanding product
John Franks
Property Filter is a fantastic resource for property investors and developers. It not only saves you time is searching for properties, but you can really fine tune what you want in respect of what you are searching for. Not only that, there are other internal tools that make life so much similar and effective e.g. D2V letters, compariables, stack deals, etc. You're not left alone to get on with it. Training videos and live Zoom sessions are available. The guest speaker sessions are very informative as well. The software is always being updated, based on requests from users. The back office staff, really know their stuff. Give it a go!
Fred Gardner
It is a rare thing to have a 5 star experience with a platform that does what it says on the tin AND delivers it with the backup support that is 2nd to none. Properly Filter is comprehensive and continually adapting to customer needs. They listen to their users and respond accordingly. Thank you to the whole team who have made my experience as a total beginner pleasantly manageable.
Deb Etheredge
Property Filter is a fantastic tool, and the support you get as a member delivers excellent value. The system is saving me a huge amount of time, and the weekly calls that are in place give you the opportunity to have questions answered live, with demos. Definitely a worthwhile investment - thanks to the PF team!
Sarah Coop
This platform is now an important part of my property business saving me time to allow me to get on with other things. it represents the automation of my business. The feature releases are some of the most important aspects where I would have had to create separate processes.
Glen Francis
Takes so much effort out of the process of doing your due diligence when sourcing properties as its all on one page! and then having your own customisable notes and pipeline is so powerful. Really impressed keep up the good work !
Commtech Netltd
This is a magnificent resource...Just what any property entrepreneur would want. Guillame and his team are exceptional and are always looking to improve the experience for its members. Well done!
Bimbi Fernando
Excellent system, highly recommend. This is saving me hours if not days researching and sourcing properties. Great team with lots of support to help you on your property journey.
Stephanie Campbell
I wish it hadn’t taken me this long to find Property Filter! Fantastic, ever evolving software and a really engaged team keen to support its users and always looking to expand, refine and improve what’s on offer. I love the regular webinars and expert speakers too. The full package. Thank you
Refilwe Waugh
Has been a good experience so far using property filter, great service and support from the team.
Nicole Winter
A completely game-changer, this website saves tons of hours spent scrolling down listings in the property portals. For every listing, it brings information that otherwise would very difficult or impossible to find. It is very user-friendly and you can add notes and actions among many other features.
Barbara Lazcano
Property Filter is a great tool for sourcing property deals as you don’t have to waste time searching different property portals and you can streamline searches in accordance with your property strategy. The rich repository of information at your fingertips and an accessible and helpful team make this product unique. Highly recommend.
Sushila Patel
This platform just gets better and better. Guillaume and his team are doing a great job making this the best place for property investors and sourcers to find deals
Wendy Williams
Such a great tool. Makes it so easy to see what deals are available and whether they are worth exploring. The team are also really great, actively asking for input from the users as to what to improve. The weekly success calls are also a really great support where you can ask any questions. A no brainer for any serious property investor.
Joanna Hannam
Great platform. easy to use and hassle free. on top of that team members are always willing to help you if needed. `Highly Recommended!!
Geeta Lamsal
I am a subscriber to Property Filter & think it is a great product. Whilst I had a system to my property searches, Property Filter brings it altogether in one place. You can really be specific with your searches & it saves me a great deal of time. Great product Property Filter.
Gee Dee
after using other leading software within the Propertytech space I can say that PropertyFilter is THE most impressive one!! its seem they thought about EVERYTHING and since I join them they keep on improving the system!!
Eldi Levi
I have been using Property Filter for the last few months and it has been a game changer in terms of sourcing new properties. It enables to see the wood for the trees and reduces the need to using multiple systems as everything can be done on Property Filter. Guillaume and his team are always very helpful to answer any questions. Would highly recommend!
David Granat
Great software tool for any property investor or business. They have a unique selling point with property history tracking that cannot be found on any other platforms we have used. We, at Imperative Property, have used it to secure great properties at even better prices. Can’t recommend enough
I absolutely love using Property Filter, its suits my needs, it flows in the way that I want it to. The additional, at hand functions such as calculators, various filters and pipeline activity really gives me one stop shop experience and helps me finds deals a lot easier. I hope no one else uses it! 😉 Well Done Team-Property Filter.
Rupen Patel
What a great tool that does exactly what it says, thus saving you time from browsing the different property portals in search of the property deals that would meet your investment strategies. We would highly recommend the tool because not only will you get what you're looking for with it, but also you'll observe that the team behind the development of the tool are always ready and willing to help you resolve any bug/issues you may find while using it. Highly Recommended!
BristolCorporate Lettings
Amazing product. Saves me hours of time everyday. Its like having your own AI super power at your finger tips 🙂
Gary Chimwa
I have been using Property Filter to find my first investment property. I am impressed with how quickly I got the deal I was looking for. if you are not good with all those numbers, some tools help you calculate all these figures. Love it!
Kam Black
Great tool for Finding and Stacking properties deals (for investors and First time buyers), streamlining work flow, and documenting progress. It’s easy to use and all the information are at your fingertips. Great Job guys..
Man nY
Found my first property deal with the help of Property Filter. I was very pleased with the software and how responsive the team were when I had questions! I would highly recommend it to anyone considering it !
Kelvin S
Property Filter saves time and helps find motivated sellers.
Professional Homes
A clear structured approach to identifying, processing your property leads according to your own set of criteria. Well thought out!
Donald Pudney
Invaluable and priceless. What a piece of kit to have! Makes sourcing property so much more easy now. Customer service is also excellent and always on hand to help.
Angela Fleming
I have been using Property Filter for only a short time but already I can see how it will save me a considerable amount of time when searching for properties to add to my portfolio. Property Filter is already a cornerstone of my on-market property strategy.
David Dixon
I have been using property filter now for a number of months, it is user friendly and simple to use, I have used other software and this one is by far the best.
Jack Haswell
Having known the Co-Founder of PropertyFilter for some time now and having discussed the platform and it's capabilities in length I can only have confidence in the benefits of PropertyFilter to it's users.
Jonathan Heavens
Great tool and software to build your pipeline of deals in your target area for your property strategy, thank you to the team at Property Filter for a fantastic system.
GS Property
It is user friendly and easy to use. The support is ongoing and there is plenty of resources and training on the website. The costs are easily recoverable over the short term:)
Ian Leo
This software is a game changer in terms of streamlining the process of finding deals and motivated sellers, backed up by an incredibly helpful team.
Edward Blackett
Fabulous platform like a Swiss army knife for property
Steven Rumfitt
Simple, user friendly time saver!! property filter saves hours of frustrating, low value work each week.
Dan Gregory
Excellent all round service, very user-friendly with access to heaps of useful information. Would highly recommend to any serious property investor!
Very helpful careful support. Best wishes
Nina Robinson
Great time saving tool for property investors.
Anna Krupińska
A simple, exhaustive and efficient framework to find deals. The absolute must-have for any property investor.
Greg Marchand
Great piece of tech and super useful, but what makes it even greater is the team behind it. They walk the talk and provide exceptional service!
Dimitar Alexander Stoyanov
This software is a game changer! They offer great customer service and the platform is user friendly!
I think it is one of the best tools for searching property deals.
Igor Persidskiy
Very good software, great support
Mike Colquhoun
Great software and support for the team
Jacob Prescott
The best portal to find property deals in the UK, for new home buyers or seasoned property investors. Addictive and fun to use, like playing a Monopoly game 🙂
Cedric Marx
Very good support with lots of detail.
Nina Robinson
I have been using Property filter for some time and it is an absolute no brainer I have done 6 deas now in the past 4 months just off PF due to being notified first when they came back on the market and me being there to bag the bargain It is always adding new features and is owned by property professionals themselves which is even better 10 out of 10 from me Go try it yourself
Emad Barday
Invaluable and priceless. What a piece of kit to have! Makes sourcing property so much more easy now. Customer service is also excellent and always on hand to help.
Angela Fleming
The software that every property investor needs! Regardless if you are a newbie or experienced this software will definitely streamline your processes and speed up your results! Highly recommended and even greater support from the team.
Meh Mub
Excellent product and excellent customer service. It has really helped me focus on finding motivated sellers and doing deals.
Matthew Napoli
I would recommend Property Filter to investors and also entrepreneurs. It is indeed a game-changer for me, it can help to build even your confidence using the calculator at hand for any potential deals too.
Elton Stone
I've found Property Filter an invaluable tool in honing in on motivated vendors in my target locations. Having the failed deal history feels like cheating when making an offer!
Andrew Cross
Excellent software backed up by first class support.
Paul Blake
Property filter is a really great resource for finding properties quickly, sifting through a lot of information from a lot of sources to save you so much time; brilliant!
Ann Crawford
No-nonsense property tool for investors. Excellent for a range of uses
James McCaffrey
A sophisticated piece of software with great capabilities that is easy to use. All incorporated into a funnel, that tracks every stage of the process. Once you have used Property Filter you will realised how much you need it. "I love it"
Graham Durbin
This is a great site that allows me to quickly review available properties and those sold STC which might be worth watching out for when they re appear. We all know 1 in 3 sales fails to complete and that produces a motivated seller. It keeps all your records about a property in one place and it's user friendly. Love the way you can expand your target areas on lead generators.
Cherry-Jane Sheriff
This is an absolute game changer! Finding deals and having all the information you need to keep one step ahead on negations. Highly recommended 5*
Will Burrows
This is a fabulous deal sourcing platform. Being able to save different deals in different areas and see the data of those properties is literally a game changer! Definitely 5*
Louise Smith
Property Filter is a great tool for searching for your next deal. It gathers information from several sources so everything is in one place. It also has a useful funnel so you can update your progress without using several pieces of software
Wendy Williams
A fantastic piece of software that can be tailored to find the types of properties in the areas that you want... but it's so much more powerful than any others you will have seen as it harvests information from a lot of different websites to save you so many hours of trawling. PF is extremely sophisticated and has great support from Guillaume and the team. Can't recommend highly enough.
Ben Wadd
This is a great sourcing tool, with lots of helpful and time-saving functions. 5*
Stewart Salmon
An amazing resource for property sourcing!
Habab Elshoush
Property Filter has helped us to save time, previously we were going through all the websites, now we use Property filter as our main research tool. It is very good software and I would recommend to anyone who is in the property business and looking to be more efficient and organised.
Greg Piskozub
Instant access to my specifications -Brilliant!
Jacquie Drake
Easy to use and useful for finding deals. Saving time to find those properties which can be great deals for clients and for us all over the country.
Oksana Lymar
Brilliant time saving tool. Few months ago, I purchased through Property Filter, and happy days! Saves huge amount of time searching through various websites. Amazing. Even more wonderful, Commercial properties too. Not had a chance to explore that area yet, cannot wait!!
Aamana Anwar
A clear structured approach to identifying, processing your property leads according to your own set of criteria. Well thought out!
Donald Pudney
An absolute game changer when it comes to sourcing potential deals, tracking progress on those you are pursuing, and managing the monitoring of the other "possibles".
Nick Everest
Do you need to find deals in this challenging times? Do you want to make the follow-ups easier? Then Property Filter will help to get to your goal. it's an amazing software where you can find, follow and calculate the numbers. You just need to know what you are looking for and update the Lead Generator, simple as that. For me it's all about working smart and not hard. It's also about efficiency and simplicity.
Nisha Patel
Versatile, targeted, team are v willing to help 🙂
Helen Perry
Great time saving tool for property investors.
Ania Krupinska
Property Filter is the essential tool for finding targeted deals and saving time in the process
Aissatou Kaba


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